Wednesday, September 22, 2010

random pics# 22

good morning every one,

i hate being woken up by the stupid house phone in the morning, what kind of a sick person would do that? besides it being telemarketers that i curse out because they woke me from my slumber when it is family its even worse because you cant hang up right away... and you might say just look on the caller i.d. and see who it is, well how could i see if im still half asleep and my eyes arent fully open. any who the lesson to learn is to unplug the phone.

the first random pic ill start off with is kid.


  1. awesome pics man. kid was the most badass among the supernova.

  2. Look at her booty

    Oh sweet Jesus !


    anyway I woke up today cus my dad was making LOTS of noise for some reason

    fuk that

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  4. cool :)

  5. Love the comic one.

  6. i liked my cassette collection. i miss it.

  7. yeah same here, and c.d.s to but they broke very easily

  8. Great blog, man!

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