Thursday, September 2, 2010

my top 35 movies to watch when bored and have free time

These are a few of the movies i like and you might want to watch when your bored and have no good movies on
1 the dark knight
2 the wood
3 spawn
4 under world series
5 natural born killers
6 casino
7 good fellas
8 blow
9 american gangster
10 300
11 lord of the rings series
12 kingdom of heaven
13 green zone
14 speed racer
15 king author
16 troy
17 blade series
18 repo men
19 matrix series
20 hackers
21 Hannibal rising
22 texas  chain saw massacre
23 saw series
24 scary movie
25 dont be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood
26 born series
27 jean claude van damme movies
28 star trek
29 the a team
30 from paris with love
31 james bond movies
32 austin powers movies
33 how to train a dragon
34 cars
35 monsters inc

i have more but its going to take a long time to post... what are your top ten or 35 lol???


  1. Out of those 35 movies of yours I only liked 6 of them lol

    I have high standards


  3. good list i like your taste in movies

  4. Thanks for the ideas, I'll check at least a few of these out

  5. Great List! I can't believe you 'How to Train Your Dragon' on there. I loved it so much, people push it off as a dumb kids movie but it's wonderful!