Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 things you might hate ( I know i do)

1 slow internet
2 lagging while playing games online
3 hot days
4 no money
5 no one to make me food
6 coming home from work/ college and there no food ready
7 shitty drivers
8 expensive clothes that are not worth 50 dollars and up
9 conceited people
10 crappy t.v. shows


  1. All of which are annoyances, but for me, what makes me rage most is stupidity... just plain ol' stupidity. You know the type..

    This kind

    "I don't always herp, but when I herp I derp."

  2. Yeah man, they all suck. And I have to deal with most of them everyday. No one to cook is the worst, everything I make is horrible.

  3. the sparta remix is fucking hilarious lol

  4. 1 YES
    2 YES
    3 YES
    4 wat is dis?
    5 i make my own food :D
    7 i drive
    8 YES
    9 YES
    10 TV?

  5. here are three of mine:

    1) captchas on blogspot comments,
    2) profiles that don't have links to blogs, and
    3) visitors that click on things when they're explicitly told not to

  6. You are truly an inspiration! I will keep your thoughts in mind for my next blog posting.

  7. aww yea gurll

    show me some love!