Friday, September 17, 2010

90 followers!/ random pics # 17/ Dexter is almost here

good morning and thank you to all my followers that i finally reached 90 im really hyped about it, cant wait for 100.

moving on to some other great news the final season of dexter is starting september 23 so thats going to be an epic season to watch.. if you havent heard about dexter or just havent had time to see it then you should watch it, a quick summary about it would be that he works for the police as a blood annalist at crime scenes, so which ever person the police cant catch he goes off into the night and kills them and they are never to be seen. its a great thriller with many twists and the story behind dexter is even better. i hope you can get into the story because once you do you'll be hooked.


  1. Some cool pics.. particularly like Helsing and Futurama. Shupportin!

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  3. just like yesterday, love the one piece images!

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  6. I wnt to start Dexter, just haven't gotten to it.
    Awesome achievement.

  7. loved the fantastic 4 thing

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