Wednesday, September 15, 2010

good moring/ going to start working out / random pic 14

good morning every one .. =) i had a rough night but ill it was worth it i stayed up until around 2 getting about a gigs worth of new pics just for you =) i hope you like them, their mainly cars, more funny pics, one piece and weird worlds but their pretty cool.

im going to start worthing out officially this week =) hopefully it goes well and by the spring time ill be looking good lol

and now heres some random pics enjoy


  1. the cars looks awesome! damn!

  2. theres alot more to come ill post more later to day

  3. LMFAO...the receipt is funny but the RABBITS!! Oh yes, that is my favorite!!! HYSTERICAL! Good job, love the blog!

  4. I have some of those wallpapers! The rabbit one used to be my background! Haha!
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  5. Those are some really nice pics