Wednesday, October 13, 2010

one piece/// hope you enjoy this one

so i usually use a site called watchop to read about Op=One Piece and its a good website theres always the daily vids posted on the weekends which is great but the manga takes for ever to load so i used anothersite called animefreak which was worth using because i got to catch up and see whats happened to the straw hat pirates and let me say that every one looks bad ass. **** warning this is a spoiler but it is worth reading****

zoro has only one eye which sucks cut it would have looked  better if he could see and had a cut on the side of his face or sumthing,, it makes me wana reach into the screen and try to open it lol.

nami grew long hair and looks some what better.

brook became a rock star and loves to sing.

chopper is just gullible but funny and got a new hat.

franky got even bigger arms lol and went bauld which doesnt look bad on him but his arms do.

sanji looks cool with his gold tee and is laid back.

ussop isnt a pussy anymore or so he claims lol he grew his hair out and a stash and up graded his wepons idk if he uses a gun or not but if he does it would be cool.

robin looks more mature and good lookin.

and lastly the funny out to space serious hungry slow captin that makes everyone hyped LUFFY

Luffy has become soo fucking awesome and strong its amazing and scary i cant wait to see him fight, with his new scar on his chest and the three new powers he has learned (im not going to spoil it for you XD) are seriously amazing i can honestly say that he can most likely beat the shit out of anyone in the word government which would be fucking awesome to see specially the asshole lava guy, if you dont know about him i dont want to spoil that ether, im hoping to see a 4th and 5th gear which would be useful when fighting anyone who opposes him.

thats about it ,,, im hoping to see old enemy's such  as enel, the 3 admirals, cp9 and their leader lucci, law, hawk eyes, the rest of the shichibukai and more of  the 11 supernoval people and most importantly the other yonku..

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